• Identifying the core issue/s

  • Setting intension/s

  • Resetting the nervous system, correcting structural imbalances, and increasing energy flow

  • Resourcing all bodily systems

For same day appointments or special time requests (ie. nights and weekends), please call or text for availability. Same day appointments are disabled on the online scheduler.


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Integrative Craniosacral Polarity Session - ONLINE

Distance Healing | Somatic & Energetic Processing

If you are feeling triggered, anxious, depressed, or stuck, we can help your nervous system and body process any unresolved issues through somatic processing, energetic counseling, distance Craniosacral & Polarity therapies, and Family & Systems Constellation work. Beneficial for both physical and emotional trauma.

60 minutes
Integrative Craniosacral Polarity Session - IN PERSON

Craniosacral | Polarity | Tuning Forks | Aromatic Medicine

Customized client-focused sessions, for people who have suffered physical and/or emotional injury, who desire to have full freedom of movement and expression in their lives. We can help your body process any unresolved pain through somatic processing, energetic coaching, Family & Systems Constellation work as well as Craniosacral, Polarity, and therapeutic bodywork. Beneficial for both physical emotional traumas.

90 minutes
Raindrop EO Session

Therapeutic Application of Essential Oils

The concentrated application of 9 therapeutic essential oils help support your immune system and aid in the process of detoxification. This session can be customized to support individual health issues.

90 minutes