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hidden patterns & dynamics within systems

Family Constellations was developed by psychologist Bert Hellinger. He was deeply influenced by his many years living with the Zulu people, his studies of group dynamics from Anglican clergy, Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, and family therapy. 

Constellations work focuses on looking at issues that are systemic in nature. It is a unique way to reveal hidden dynamics and patterns, and helpful for those who wishes to work on a relationship issue, look at a theme in their life or an illness, or reveal entanglements within a family that could the root of disruptive life patterns. Within a family context, it looks at unresolved trauma that could have been handed down generationally.

Image by Eilis Garvey

Restoring the flow of love (or energy) is an important principle in Contellations work. Oftentimes, a traumatic event or trauma can interrupt the flow of love in our lives. Individually, we can find ourselves in repetitive types of situations because we are trying to resolve something that never got fully processed or integrated. That can also happen at a systemic level, because a trauma or death was never fully processed by the group.


By witnessing. acknowledging, and honoring what was hidden, excluded, or denied, the flow of love and energy can return. When this happens, we can move from feeling trapped in unconscious systemic patterns to living more freely as ourselves.

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