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Craniosacral / Polarity Classes

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Other Offerings with Guest Facilitators

  • Jul 10, 5:00 PM PDT – Oct 23, 6:10 PM PDT
    This online class helps students integrate their polarity and craniosacral skills to create balanced sessions, hone their time management skills and build appropriate boundaries. The student also learns how to write up case studies using evaluative and management skills.
  • Oct 05, 5:00 PM – 8:15 PM PDT
    Talis Healing, 251 S Euclid Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA
    Please join us for an in-person workshop around the theme of focus.
  • Oct 13, 9:30 AM PDT – Oct 15, 6:30 PM PDT
    Hybrid Course - See Details
    In this first class you will learn the anatomy and theory behind the Craniosacral phenomenon and will learn a basic approach to the Craniosacral system that is non-invasive and gets people to quickly relax at very deep level. This work brings people into alignment with their own CS system.
  • Nov 03, 9:30 AM PDT – Nov 05, 6:30 PM PST
    Temescal Canyon Park, Bungalow 1, Temescal Canyon Trail, Los Angeles, CA 90272, USA
    The techniques in this class focus on the bones of the cranium, face and mouth and throat. The student will get introduced to the concept of still-point and will learn techniques to facilitate this moment of reset in the nervous system.
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