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practitionership coaching & development

•  for ipsb & lei craniosacral & polarity students •

As an approved mentor, we can review your required case studies in-person, online via zoom, or over the phone. I offer supervision around your work and hold space for your process as a practitioner and as a student. I also provide sessions to review your table work or technique. I love coaching each person’s unique talents, and my gift is that I provide gentle and supportive structure. 

If you would like to receive a Craniosacral / Polarity session, I offers all student sessions at a sliding scale.

types of mentorship sessions:

review case studies

practitioner supervision & support

review / practice technique

questions about reviewing case studies:

How many case studies should I do at a time?

The purpose of the case studies is to support your growth as a practitioner, so it is best to do a few at a time and then get feedback, so you can utilize the feedback as you practice. A comfortable number is anywhere from 5-10 at a time.

A good indicator of when to book a review session is when you find yourself wanting to receive support around your work or process as a practitioner, or you find you have some specific questions you'd like to ask around your sessions.

Anything I need before I book?

I need the case studies 3-7 days before we meet. You can send the physical papers or email them digitally. Please send them as a PDF scan. 

You can do scan PDFs for free on your phone:

Instructions on how to scan on an Android phone

Instructions on how to scan on an iPhone

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