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sound & aromatic medicine


SOUND is a non-invasive, effective method of speeding healing, and shifting the underlying tension pattern. 

Tuning forks resonate pure frequencies that can affect our bodies at an electromagnetic level. Modern science supports how sound affects matter, and there are many pioneering sound healers such as Dr. John Beaulieu and Eileen McKusick who have studied and documented the effects of sound on the body and electromagnetic field. Tuning forks, due to their resonant nature, can help clear tension in the body as well as the electromagnetic field, and are a perfect compliment to other healing modalities. 

I also utilize vocal toning and drums within my sessions.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

AROMATIC MEDICINE, like sound healing, is a perfect compliment to other healing modalities.


Essential oils are the life blood of a plant, and a powerful connection to nature. Therapeutic grade essential oils contain hundreds of complex chemical compounds that work synergistically to directly affect the limbic system- which is strongly tied to emotion and memory-  through the olfactory bulb, the only exposed part of the brain. Increasing numbers of research and  studies show the physical, emotional, and spiritual health benefits of essential oils. 

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