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trauma-informed processing, resolution, & coaching

Stress, over time, physically wears down the body. Limiting beliefs, imbalanced relationships, poor boundaries, and strong attachments i.e. addiction, can all add to overall stress load. And ironically, many unwanted negative thoughts and behaviors develop as survival and coping mechanisms to promote safety or protection from pain.


Overwhelming experiences at any stage of life can lead to chronic stress, pain, illness, and a dysregulated nervous system. Our amazing bodies adjust for some length of time, but at some point the compensation mechanism starts to break down, and all of sudden, many people stop being able to function at the level to which they are accustomed. 

Image by Tengyart

Recovering and resolving unprocessed trauma (systemic & individual), nervous system regulation, tuning boundaries, and increasing consciousness around choices, are all integral parts of developing a healthy and strong self identity.

I work with people to help bring awareness to their process at a somatic (aka body) level, by providing tools and resources so they can start to consciously shift to a more expressed and embodied state of being. 

I’m not a license psychotherapist or counselor, but over time have come to see what I do as a form of counseling.

I have the training to support and hold space for people's processes, bringing awareness to  individual/developmental/systemic patterns and energy contributing to pain, and providing tools to regulate the nervous system somatically. I average about 375 hrs per year training in body/mind/spirit therapies.

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